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#SSMB29: Mahesh Babu to Sport Long Hair?

#SSMB29: Mahesh Babu to Sport Long Hair?

Mahesh Babu has been cultivating his hair for a while. Despite maintaining a similar long-haired appearance in the recently released film "Guntur Kaaram," it is reported that he would be shown with exceptionally long hair in Rajamouli's upcoming flick.

It is said that his getup was created to resemble the appearance of Tom Cruise in one of his previous films.

Rajamouli reportedly created nearly eight distinct getups, all of which showcased him with long hair. Therefore, he has been growing hair.

On Thursday, Mahesh Babu posted a photograph of himself on Instagram. This photo is taken during the production of one of the advertising commercials that he is currently shooting.

However, he will need to spend an additional three months preparing for the appearance required for Rajamouli's project, #SSMB29. The commencement of regular shooting is scheduled for June.

Mahesh Babu frequently receives criticism for always maintaining a similar appearance in the majority of his flicks. This time he will undergo a comprehensive transformation.


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