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SK's OPBK Teaser: Action, Adventure And Thrills

SK's OPBK Teaser: Action, Adventure And Thrills

Hero Sundeep Kishan and director VI Anand’s second film together Ooru Peru Bhairavakona garnered a good buzz with its first look, glimpse and then first single.

Today, they came up with the teaser of the movie to introduce us to the fantasy world called Bhairavakona where the entire story takes place.

Four pages from Garuda Puranam go missing and to resolve the mystery around it, the protagonist reaches Bhairavakona, where there is no exit for whoever makes an entry.

The storyline is very intriguing and the teaser is full of action, adventure, and thrills. The graphics work is top-class.

VI Anand who is good at handling fantasy and mysterious subjects spellbinds with his riveting narrative.

Sundeep Kishan looked good in the action-packed role and the teaser focuses majorly to disclose the plotline and we don’t get to see many noted characters. Kavya Thapar gets space, wherein the heroine Varsha Bollamma isn’t seen in the teaser.

The blocks composed by Raj Thota are excellent for the genre, whereas Shekar Chandra does a remarkable job to give a thrilling experience with his superb background score.

Moreover, films of these kinds need an excessive budget, and going by the visuals, the producers made it in an uncompromised manner.

Anil Sunkara of AK Entertainments is producing the movie, while Razesh Danda of Hasya Movies bankrolls it.

It’s job done for the makers with the teaser grabbing the attention with its striking tale and gripping narrative. They will announce the release date soon.


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