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Siddharth: Pan-India Dishonesty in Collection Reports

Siddharth: Pan-India Dishonesty in Collection Reports

Actor Siddharth never minces words. He speaks his mind without fear. As trade analysts are posting big numbers on social media about new releases, he wonders how much truth lies in these tall claims.

It is a known fact that producers talk big about collections at the time of the release of their movies to give an impression that the movie is attracting audiences. It is a part of the promotional strategy.

But now, Siddharth laments, trade analysts, and media have also started doing the same.

Siddharth tweeted, “How much is the going commission or rate these days for fudging collection reports of films? Producers have been lying about BO figures for ages... Now the "trade" and "media" have started their "official" figures... All languages, all industries...same. Pan India dishonesty.”

Siddarth says the culture of fudging box-office figures has become a pan-India phenomenon.


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