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'Siddham' Roars: Shows YSRCP's Dominance

'Siddham' Roars: Shows YSRCP's Dominance

The YSRC's Siddam event held in Rapthadu, situated in the Rayalaseema region, proved to be a resounding success for the ruling party, drawing massive crowds from as many as 52 assembly segments.

The YSRC high command orchestrated the event to send a formidable message to opposition parties regarding the party's grassroots strength. The gathering witnessed the participation of numerous YSRC activists from across Rayalaseema, totaling several lakhs.

Spanning across a vast 280-acre area, the venue was packed with YSRC supporters and activists. In an unprecedented move, 19 parking areas were designated in surrounding regions to ensure minimal disruption to regular traffic flow.

Additional police forces, under the leadership of DIG Ammi Reddy and SP Anburajan, efficiently managed traffic regulations along NH 44 and the Chennai – Anantapur Highway.

Heavy vehicles were diverted from the route, while regular vehicles and buses were permitted normal passage. Extra police personnel were stationed at key locations to facilitate traffic flow, in addition to maintaining a strong presence at the venue.

The Siddam event garnered significant traction on social media, with a substantial number of views from Telugu states and beyond.

Despite scorching temperatures reaching 37 degrees Celsius, the influx of crowds remained steady, both at the Siddam venue and the adjacent dry lands near NH 44, approximately 7km away from Anantapur city.

Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy arrived at the Puttaparthi airport via a special aircraft, proceeding to the meeting venue by helicopter alongside YSRC’s Rayalaseema regional coordinator Peddireddy Ramachandra Reddy. The latter spearheaded the event's planning from inception.

Expressing satisfaction at the massive turnout, the chief minister urged party cadres to work diligently as a unified force to secure a sweeping victory for YSRC in the upcoming elections.

He emphasized the party's aim to clinch all 175 assembly seats and 25 Lok Sabha seats, urging cadres to thwart any machinations from the TDP and its supportive media.

Asserting that YSRC doesn't require any alliance, the chief minister declared that the people themselves would serve as effective campaigners to raise awareness among voters from all sections. He confidently predicted the TDP's political demise post the upcoming elections.

Anantapur urban MLA Ananta Venkatrami Reddy remarked that the overwhelming turnout at the Rayalaseema Siddam event had left both the TDP and Jana Sena stunned, making history in the process.


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