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She's In Danger Zone - Will Bigg Boss Save Her Again?

She's In Danger Zone - Will Bigg Boss Save Her Again?

The creative team of Bigg Boss season 4 has been receiving a lot of flak from fans and followers of the show for evicting Kumar Sai despite not coming at least among the nominated contestants.

The Bigg Boss creative team was under pressure to save female contestants as they lost five females in a row.

Monal Gajjar would have been the sixth consecutive female contestant to be evicted had they stuck with the public mandate. However, they sent Kumar Sai out to maintain the balance in the house.

They tried to pull off a trick to save Monal by asking one of Akhil and Monal to get nominated. They might have expected that Akhil would save Monal and nominate himself given their relation.

But Akhil didn’t fall into the trap and nominated Monal, who is now trailing behind in all the unofficial polls. Even Noel is not getting many votes compared to others.

The Bigg Boss creative team should give up on one of these contestants or cancel the eviction totally for this week. But that would be gross injustice to Amma Rajasekhar who tonsured his head to escape this week’s nominations.

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