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Sharwanand To USA On 'Paternal Leave'

Sharwanand To USA On 'Paternal Leave'

Actor Sharwanand is leaving for the USA on paternal leave to be with his wife Rakshita Reddy, who is expecting a baby in a few months. 

Married in June 2023, Rakshita works in the US. Having recently finished shooting his 35th film under Sriram Aditya's direction for People Media Factory, Sharwanand is set to depart shortly.

Stating that Sharwanand aims to be a devoted husband, a source reveals his plan to spend some months with his pregnant wife in the US, where her family resides. 

With a flat in New York, they seemingly desire their child to be born there, leading him to pause filming for family time.

He has postponed upcoming projects until February, requesting the producers. 

While recent releases like Mahasamudram and Oke Oka Jeevitam didn't leave an impact at the box office, he hopes his family drama with Sriram Aditya will reestablish his prowess, as he relies on a big hit to sustain his career.


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