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Sharwanand sends legal notice to Sreekaram producers

Sharwanand sends legal notice to Sreekaram producers

Hero Sharwanand who is known to be a non-controversial person in Tollywood has served a legal Notice to the makers of his last release, Sreekaram.

Sharwanand was assured of 6 Crore Rupees remuneration and 50% share in profits.

He was paid four Crore Rupees before the release and was given post-dated cheques for the remaining Two Crore Rupees.

The cheques were bounced and Sharwa reportedly sent legal notices to the producers regarding the same.

This controversy has come as a surprise because both the parties (Sharwa and producers at 14 Reels Plus) are never into controversies previously.

This kind of minor issues are quite common in the industry and hopefully, they will resolve amicably across the table.


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