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Shanmukha Launch: A New Venture in Telugu Cinema

Shanmukha Launch: A New Venture in Telugu Cinema

The excitement soared as the much-anticipated title launch for Hero Aadi Saikumar's upcoming film unfolded, revealing the title as "SHANMUKHA''.

The event, held amidst fervor and anticipation, witnessed notable personalities from the Telugu film industry expressing their enthusiasm and support for this promising venture.

Actor Manoj Nandam, speaking at the event, praised the visual grandeur of the film, emphasizing its uniqueness and the stellar performance expected from Aadi Saikumar.

He also commended the collaboration with Ravi Basrur, expressing confidence in the film's ability to captivate audiences.

Director and Producer Shanmugam Sappani shared insights into the journey leading to the creation of "Shanmukha", highlighting the significance of the title and expressing gratitude to Aadi Saikumar for his patience amidst delays.

Renowned Director Veerabadram lauded the efforts of the team behind "Shanmukha", emphasizing Aadi Saikumar's exemplary performance and the necessity for young producers like Shanmugam Sappani in the industry.

In his address, Aadi Saikumar expressed gratitude for the unwavering support of the media throughout his career.

He spoke highly of the aptness of the title "Shanmukha" and praised the contributions of Ravi Basrur and actress Avika Gor, underscoring the importance of content in contemporary cinema.

Producer Ramesh echoed sentiments of support for Shanmugam's passion, expressing confidence in the success of "Shanmukha", the second film under their production banner.

Tulasi Ram Sappani extended best wishes to the entire team, anticipating a resounding success for "Shanmukha".

The event concluded on a note of anticipation and optimism, with attendees eagerly awaiting further updates on this promising cinematic endeavor.


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