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Shahrukh Khan's Behavior In Footwear Shop

Shahrukh Khan's Behavior In Footwear Shop

Many assume that film stars are rude. They say that while they try to be humble and jovial in front of media cameras, off-camera they show their true sense of egotism, rudeness, and mean behavior.

This is about Shah Rukh Khan, which is making rounds on social media.

Shah Rukh Khan’s New York shopping trip with his daughter Suhana seems to have impressed a social media user, who posted a picture of him online. 

An Indian content creator known as Bunty Bhaiya captured the pair at a shoe store. 

In the comments section, a user questioned, “He is very rude. Did you meet and speak to him?” 

Bunty replied, “He wasn’t. He was talking to everyone who approached him.” 

So, that is King Khan for you, folks. He is a true gentleman even when he is not aware that cameras are following him. He loves informal interactions with fans.


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