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Shahid honing his cricketing skills for 'Jersey' role

Shahid honing his cricketing skills for 'Jersey' role

Mumbai: Actor Shahid Kapoor, who will be seen playing a cricketer in the Hindi remake of the Tamil hit "Jersey", says that authenticity in presentation has become a must in films. He added that it has become very important for actors to be convincing in the roles they play.

"It's fun to play cricket but when you are playing cricket in a film, you need to get the technique right and you need to give a lot of time to it, so I am trying my best to give it as much time, because I think we are in a time where authenticity is very important," said Shahid, while interacting with the media at GolbalSpa Fit and Fab Awards.

He added: "I don't think as an actor you can get away without being very convincing about playing a sportsperson. I am trying my best to get as close as I can. I am padded up and I am practicing every day with the season ball and with all the gear.

A few days ago, Shahid posted a picture on Instagram where he is seen playing cricket at the nets.

Talking about the preparations he is going through for his role in "Jersey", Shahid said: "I used to think that I am a really good cricketer because I used to open the innings for my school as a batsman. I forgot the fact that there has been a long gap when I haven't played cricket."

"Jersey" is the story of Arjun, a late bloomer in cricket at the age of 36, who feels the urge to prove himself to the world and his son. But, his age poses a challenge.

The sports film is an emotional drama, and is slated to open in August 2020.

Apart from "Jersey", the Ranveer Singh-starrer "83" is another cricket-themed film lined up for next year. "One is aware that there are two cricket films coming out next year. There might be a third, too, we never know. ‘83' is a wonderful subject and I wish all the best to the makers of that film. It's about India's triumph in the 1983 Cricket World Cup and that's something everybody wants to watch," Shahid avered.

However, Shahid said that his next film is more of an emotional journey of a human being. "‘Jersey' is a very personal film. It's a human journey and it touched me deeply. It's a very emotional film, so I am guessing both films must have their individual identity. I am definitely looking forward to watching ‘83'."

"Jersey" Is directed by Gowtam Tinnanuri, who was also the director of the Telugu version of the film, starring Nani.


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