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Secret Reason Behind 'Salaar' Postponement

Secret Reason Behind 'Salaar' Postponement

While the prevalent reason for the postponement of Prabhas' starrer 'Salaar' release is attributed to the VFX delay, another undisclosed factor has also come to light.

Reportedly, the top two OTT platforms with the potential to acquire the streaming rights for this film are facing financial constraints.

Their allocated budgets for acquiring content rights are exhausted until the first quarter of 2024 and the second quarter of 2024, respectively.

The producers have set a substantial price tag of Rs 300 Crore to Rs 350 Crore for the OTT rights, and with only two potential buyers capable of investing such a significant amount, the delay ensues due to the platforms being temporarily unable to make a deal.

It is indeed a risky proposition to release such a massive film without finalizing the sale of OTT rights, given the current circumstances.

So, the reelase of this film is now linked to the better financial situation of any one of those two OTT platforms.


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