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Samajavaragamana Video: Visually Stunning!

Samajavaragamana Video: Visually Stunning!

It is not an easy task to match the visuals to a song that has topped all the music charts since it's launch.

Team Ala Vaikunthapurramulo has pulled it off as Samajavaragamana, the song of the year, has been shot so stunning that it's visuals do full justice to the magic created by Sirivinnela, Sid Sriram and Thaman together. 

Trivikram's visualization stays faithful to the in-depth and thoughtful lyrics penned by Sirivennela.

Watch out for the moment where the lyric goes "Naa chupulanalla tokkuku vellake dayaleda asalu". Bunny's graceful dance moves, Pooja's beauty and the chemistry they share is sure to make this a song to beat in 2020.

The locations it was shot, the choreography and everything about this song is right on the money.

The visual promo of Samajavaragamana has only multiplied the expectations on the film. Way to go, Team AVPL! 


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