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RGV succumbs to 'Mega' pressure?

RGV succumbs to 'Mega' pressure?

Maverick film maker Ram Gopal Varma, who created a sensation of sorts on Monday by announcing that he is going to make a film on “Mega Family,” has dropped the plan within 24 hours.

With the trailer of his forthcoming film “Kamma Rajyamlo Kadapa Reddlu” taking the social media by storm, Ram Gopal Varma was in high spirits.

He announced that he is soon going to make his next film titled “Mega Family,” and promised that he would reveal all the details about this film on Tuesday morning.

As everybody was waiting with bated breath, RGV dampened their spirits by tweeting on Tuesday morning that he was not making any such movie. Nobody knows except RGV as to why he had changed his mind overnight.

Naturally, his sudden U-turn triggered several doubts in the minds of his followers. What might have gone with RGV for changing his mind so quickly?

Was there any pressure from the Mega family that forced him to drop the plan? Or did he make the announcement in a tipsy condition and drop the idea after getting out of the hangover on Tuesday?

In fact, RGV has been maintaining a love-hate relationship with the Megastar’s family. He earlier used to troll Chiranjeevi and Pawan Kalyan on social media. 

At a film function, Naga Babu took pot shots at RGV and also termed him a ‘moron’. And RGB shot back saying Naga Babu was an incompetent person who doesn’t have 0.01 percent of talent.

Of late, RGV has been trolling Pawan Kalyan. So, when he announced that he would make a film on Mega Family, it created a mini storm on social media. However, he blew off the storm by announcing that he had decided against making the movie.

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