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RGV Advises Chiranjeevi To Keep Them Away?

RGV Advises Chiranjeevi To Keep Them Away?

Ram Gopal Varma, who had been inactive for some time, has once again become active. This director, who took a break from tweeting on Telugu films, recently resumed posting tweets in his characteristic style. By reading these tweets, you can discern the intent behind Varma's posts.

"It appears that, becoming accustomed to the praises of sycophants like Jabar and Hyper, he is disconnecting from reality. There ar eno dangerous people than sychophants. By teh time the person realizes, he will be doomed. To safeguard oneself from the venomous allure of flattery, one must maintain a considerable distance from that coterie."

This is RGV's most recent tweet. Although he doesn't explicitly mention Chiranjeevi or Bholashankar, it's quite apparent that the posts indirectly target that movie.

Bholashankar's film premiered in theaters today. Unfortunately, the initial reception has been unfavorable. Considering this, it's evident that Varma's post was influenced by these circumstances.

Chiranjeevi's character is over praised even in Bholashankar movie. While his character gets introduced on the screen, there is a line that goes- "Itu Ammavaru, Atu Annagaru" (Here, the goddesses; there, there the brother). Upon Chiranjeevi's entry, the surrounding actors regard him with reverence. At a certain point in the movie, all the actors collectively elevate Chiranjeevi to a god-like status much to the disgust of regular audience and restlessness of the fans as well. 

It seems that Ram Gopal Varma crafted this post with what he has seen in social media and from other sources about the outcome of the movie.


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