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Replacing Naga Babu Turns Out To Be A Big Headache

Replacing Naga Babu Turns Out To Be A Big Headache

Naga Babu who hosted Jabardasth for hundreds of episodes has exited the show recently due to the differences with the Mallemala Entertainment. They haven't found the replacement for the veteran actor yet.

They are currently running the show with the help of guest celebrities, but they have to find the right person to replace the Mega Brother as soon as possible.

It may appear that Naga Babu's job is easy as he doesn't do much besides laughing out loud. But he has a great command over the show and the comedians.

Everyone in Jabardasth team respects him very much and take care of the quality of the content.

The makers may find someone who can sit and laugh, but it will be hard to find someone who could gel well with the comedians and technical crew like Naga Babu.

Also hosting Jabardasth can be a taxing experience as it goes on from early morning to late night.

The makers have shortlisted a couple of celebrities to host the show, but no one has come forward to sign the seven page contract deal that has way too many terms and conditions.

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