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Releasing Today: Can The Mass Maharaja Bounce Back?

Releasing Today: Can The Mass Maharaja Bounce Back?

We had seen quite a few comebacks from Telugu Cinema heroes in the recent past. It is Raviteja's time to get back on track with Disco Raja that is releasing today.

Raviteja's career graph has gone downhill with a series of disastrous films like Touch Chesi Chudu, Nela Ticket and Amar Akbar Antony.

Raviteja is hoping to make a strong comeback with Disco Raja that offers novelty unlike his recent outings.

Director Vi Anand is said to have experimented with the way he presented Raviteja on screen. It is the story about a musical gangster who belonged to the eighties.

Raviteja is so kicked about Disco Raja that he didn't do any other films in parallel to it. He made sure to keep himself invested in the character all the time.

Disco Raja looks promising but it is not going to be easy for it to get full attention given how people had gone film frenzy during the festival week.

Keep watching this space for our take on Disco Raja in a few hours. 


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