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Ravi Teja Might Have Realized Srileela's Power

Ravi Teja Might Have Realized Srileela's Power

The success of the blockbuster movie Dhamaka can be attributed to Srileela or Ravi Teja. If asked why the movie was a hit, the common audience would simply point to Srileela's dynamic dances and captivating songs. Despite being a relatively straightforward film, Srileela's lively performances made it a massive success.

But Ravi Teja's public relations team was unhappy with the praise being given to Srileela, as it seemed to put her on equal footing with the hero. They argued that audiences came to see Ravi Teja, not the heroine.

However, the new movie Ravanasura, which featured Ravi Teja alongside five heroines, suffered a significant drop in collections on the second day.

If Ravi Teja's stardom is enough to pull audiences to theatres, it should have happened even without Srileela, her dances, and her songs.

Moreover, Ravanasura was a film with more substance than Dhamaka, regardless of whether it made logical sense. So why didn't audiences flock to the theaters? Wasn't Ravi Teja the hero?

While Ravi Teja's public relations team refused to acknowledge that Srileela was responsible for Dhamaka's success, industry insiders were well aware of her contribution. Mahesh, Pawan Kalyan, Vijay Devarakonda, Naveen Polishetty, Vaishnav Tej, and Balakrishna are behind Srileela today.

All things considered, it's fair to say that Srileela was the true hero of Dhamaka.


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