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Rashmika Trolled For Calling Big Hero 'Mr Showoff'

Rashmika Trolled For Calling Big Hero 'Mr Showoff'

The career of Rashmika is on the top now. With her presence in the pan Indian Film "Pushpa" she became a national actress at present. But something from the past has bitten her and distrurbed her recently.

It was way back in an old interview, Rashmika was asked, "Who, according to you, is the Mr Showoff in the Kannada film industry?"

She replied, "Yash".

This bit has been in circulation on social media now which resulted in heavy trolling from Yash fans.

To this Rashmika took to the social media and wrote, "..extremely unhappy and disturbed by this sudden turn of events. I have no disrespect towards Yash Sir or anyone. In fact on many occasions, I have expressed my admiration towards Yash Sir, his talent and how he has inspired everyone, including myself. The media has sadly ignored that I mentioned Santhu Straight Forward as the movie that I enjoyed most at that time. When you edit and take just two lines from the most non serious part of the show and give it spin... the context is lost. That is really sad."

Rashmika also mentioned that the show was shot much before the release of her debut film.

She also continued, "It wasn't a statement I made but it was a game of rapid fire and never in my dreams I had any idea that this would be taken so seriously ignoring my admiration and all the positive statements I had made about him. I am sorry if I have hurt any of your feelings. I did not intend to. My upbringing will never let me do that. I request everyone to have a look at my other interviews and fb lives where I have appreciated Yash sir's work and when asked I have also expressed my desire to work with him."

Well, anything can happen at any time to the most successful beings. Rashmika! take it easy and move on. Get a click with Yash and post on social media. Nothing stops you.


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