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Ram Charan is on a Long Paternity Leave!

Ram Charan is on a Long Paternity Leave!

Director Shankar had planned a major action episode for "Game Changer" in Mysore this month, but he eventually dropped the idea because he was stuck filming "Indian 2" with Kamal Haasan.

Initially, he managed both projects smoothly, filming one for 10-15 days and the other for another 10 days. However, it became increasingly difficult to balance both projects as time passed. Therefore, he suspended production on Ram Charan's "Game Changer" and decided to finish Kamal Haasan's film.

This turn of events was also a blessing in disguise for Ram Charan, who had hoped for a long paternity leave as he and his wife had just welcomed their first child. He will now be able to enjoy the status of being a father and will require paternity leave.

Hence, "Game Changer" will only commence production in late July or early August. He will not return the sets right away.


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