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Ram Charan Carefully Builds His Brand Image

Ram Charan Carefully Builds His Brand Image

Ram Charan is working hard to establish himself as one of the biggest pan-Indian stars.

He does not miss any opportunity to attend media conclaves, corporate conferences, or events hosted by the central government.

He has attended many such events after gaining nationwide recognition due to the success of "RRR." The most recent one was the G20 Tourism Working Group ceremony on Monday.

Ram Charan aims to expand his national market before the release of "Game Changer." Directed by Shankar, "Game Changer" is his upcoming pan-Indian release.

Ram Charan has hired a special agency to assist him with his public relations and image on a national scale.

He aspires to be an approachable superstar for all groups, including political organizations, business firms, and brands.


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