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Rakshasudu Trailer: Captivating Serial Killer Thriller

Rakshasudu Trailer: Captivating Serial Killer Thriller

Rakshasudu looks to be a faithful remake of Tamil hit Ratsasan. Like the teaser, the trailer of Rakshasudu also is cut like the trailer of original.

Bellamkonda Sai Srinivas looks good as a sincere cop without his usual machismo. He looks natural and sincere here.

Director Ramesh Varma Penmetsa didn't even try to change the dialogue that are sounding like Tamil dubbed version.

Technically, they have maintained the high standards set by the original.

Rakshasudu trailer may not excite those who had seen the original, but it will impress people that are yet to see it.

Ratsasan is a captivating serial killer thriller sans usual masala elements and songs.

Rakshasudu also followed the same path without diluting the content. It is gearing up for release on August 2.


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