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Rajnikanth's Dominance In USA On Chiranjeevi

Rajnikanth's Dominance In USA On Chiranjeevi

This week, two films featuring senior South Indian heroes are being released worldwide. 

Surprisingly, in the USA, Rajnikanth's 'Jailer' is making tremendous collections, surpassing Chiranjeevi's 'Bhola Shankar'. 

While some might assume that it's due to the Tamil and Telugu versions making the difference, the collections of only the Telugu version of 'Jailer' are very impressive in proportion to the number of screens for each film.

Certainly, the content of the film plays a crucial role in determining subsequent collections and the overall success of the movie. However, based on the initial openings, Chiranjeevi seems to be no match for Rajnikanth in the USA as far as the lukewarm hype surrounded around Bhola Shankar is concerned.

In Telugu, Bhola Shankar screens outnumber Jailer screens, yet Rajinikanth's film is receiving excellent openings, even with Chiru's film set to release the following day.

The main reason for the hype surrounding Jailer can be attributed to Tamannah's hit song "Vaa Nuvvu Kaavallayya," whereas the music of Bhola Shankar has not been successful so far.

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