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Rajinikanth to Meet Pawan Kalyan's Destiny?

Rajinikanth to Meet Pawan Kalyan's Destiny?

The Tamilnadu legislative assembly elections are likely to take place in May 2021.

The ruling and opposition parties in the state have already begun work for elections silently. But Superstar Rajinikanth who had announced a political party and expressed that his party will contest the assembly elections has not yet begun strengthening cadre.

He still doesn’t have come up with a name for his party.

Rajinikanth is containing acting in films. He also has made it clear that he will not take the Chief Minister post if his party comes into power.

Pawan Kalyan did the same mistake of not strengthening the party till the election process was announced and he didn’t find enough candidates to contest.

The actor turned politician paid a huge price for his lack of vision and overestimation of his charisma.

It is a fact that Rajinikanth’s popularity is on the wane in Tamilnadu. His films are failing to pull the crowds as they did before. People also have doubts about his right-wing ideology.

If he continues to dodge until the last minute, analysts his political show will meet the Jana Sena’s destiny. 


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