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Puri's Remedy for Social Media Nuisance

Puri's Remedy for Social Media Nuisance

Social media has become a nuisance in recent times. At times, there are people who misuse social media overriding the good purposes it can serve.

Governments across the globe have been trying to muzzle the social media nuisance but without much success. Director Puri Jagannadh has a solution for it.

"Recently I came across a video of Mother Theresa. It has 1000 likes and 10000 dislikes. What is the problem with these guys who could not even stand Mother Theresa? What wrong she talked, you idiots?," Puri told in his latest musings video.

Puri Musings is an innovative idea of Puri Jagannadh which he came up during the last Lockdown.

The topics he choose and the explanation backed by Puri mark logic like how he does in his films gained huge fanbase for Puri Musings.

He started the musings again during the COVID second wave and each topic is a stressbuster for audience in these difficult times.

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