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Preetham's Remarks Against Naga Chaitanya

Preetham's Remarks Against Naga Chaitanya

Preetham Jukalker, the stylist of Samantha, finally opened up. Deeply hurt by trolls and harassment from Naga Chaitanya’s fans, Preetham gave an interview. He said it is the actor’s silence that hurts the most. 

In an interview, Preetham admitted that he calls and treats Samantha as his sister. Naga Chaitanya knows what kind of relationship I maintain with Samantha, and he should have silenced his fans with one statement, Preetham said. 

After the announcement of Naga Chaitanya and Samantha’s separation, some YouTube channels and trolls have targeted Preetham, calling him the main reason for their divorce. They claimed that Preetham and Samantha’s closeness and affair ruined her marriage. 

Preetham said he always called her sister. Everyone knows in our circle is aware of that including Naga Chaitanya.

Preetham says Samantha is devastated, and she is hurting herself. Naga Chaitanya didn’t speak up. This is what hurt him the most, Preetham said.

He also alleges that some of the faceless fans and trolls are threatening to kill him. He has been blocking numbers and reporting them to the cyber police. However, Preetham is determined to face the trolls and stand by his ‘sister’ Samantha. 

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