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Prabhas Film Facing Financial Problems?

Prabhas Film Facing Financial Problems?

Why is that Prabhas keep postponing the shooting of his new film #Prabhas20?

The film had already completed a major schedule in October 2018 in Italy and since then it has been put on hold. Why has he left for another vacation putting the production of his current film in limbo?

Various versions are floating around for the movie not resuming the shoot yet. That Prabhas needs to cut down weight is one reason being said and the other is that he wants more changes in the script.

These reasons also hold water. But the real issue, according to our sources, is producers are facing a financial crunch.

UV Creations had invested huge money in the making of ‘Saaho’ but the returns on the movie were not that great.

Though they made good money from the non-theatrical revenue, their money has been stuck in this current film. To complete this movie, they need a huge amount. The production company is now looking for various options.

Since Prabhas has a huge market in North India, the production company is likely to sell the Hindi rights now to get the money.

Director Radhakrishna Kumar will also have to cut down big plans about VFX and other things.

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