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Poonakaalu Loading: Mega Mass Storm

Poonakaalu Loading: Mega Mass Storm

The wait is over. The song Poonakaalu Loading which features megastar Chiranjeevi and mass maharaja Ravi Teja from director Bobby’s Waltair Veerayya is out now.

The song is set in a carnival and the speciality about it is both Chiranjeevi and Ravi Teja lent vocals, alongside Ram Miriyala and Roll Rida.

It begins with DSP’s voice saying this is not a mass song, this is a mega mass song.

For the mass beat, Chiru is seen dancing some appealing steps with a massive crowd. There indeed is a celebration kind of vibe all through the song.

The lines- Don’t stop dancing, Poonakaalu loading- penned by Roll Rida justifies the beat and the tempo of the song with some oora mass lyrics.

The second half of the song gives an extra kick with Ravi Teja entering the scene and we can’t keep our eyes off the screen as the duo creates Mega Mass Storm.

Sekhar master who is best when it comes to choreographing for these kinds of mass numbers composed some electrifying dance steps.

It’s indeed tough to stop ourselves from dancing to the tune, thanks to DSP who scored yet another extraordinary song that is going to rock the entire 2023 in all the festivities. The concept is also by DSP himself.

An interesting observation is that Chiranjeevi who appeared in a mass get-up and Ravi Teja who appeared in a stylish avatar are seen looking seriously at each other.

This song is going to give poonakaalu to the fans and masses for sure in theatres and it has taken the expectations on the movie to another level.

The grandness of Mythri Movie Makers can be seen all through this song. Let’s wait for another couple of weeks to witness the mega mass madness in cinemas.


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