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Pics: Miss Shetty's Alluring Glam Treat

Pics: Miss Shetty's Alluring Glam Treat

Young men find Neha Shetty incredibly charming, unable to resist her allure.

While her roles in movies like “Mehbooba” and “Most Eligible Bachelor” caught the audience's attention, it was her performance in “DJ Tillu” that captivated the younger crowd entirely.

Her dance moves for the song ‘Sammohanuda…’ from the film Rules Ranjann has recently propelled her to stardom.

In a recent photo shoot she was seen donning a floral costume in shades of purple and red fuming sensuality that captures everyone's attention. The attire is provocative yet tasteful.

Her demeanor adds to her appeal causing her pictures to go viral and boosting her popularity among a wide audience.

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