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Pics: Actress Boasts Her Thunder 'Thighland'

Pics: Actress Boasts Her Thunder 'Thighland'

New sensation Ketika Sharma is the darling of millions of young men. She is the new find out who hit the senses of many with her lush and perfect body. She is two films old but conquered the senses of many young men.

Ketika is the discovery of Puri Jagannath who is now making some fortune in the film industry with some meaty offers. Her latest film 'Rana Ranga Vaibhavanga' failed at the box office but she didn't fail with her oomph factor.

Freshly she posed in a casual way to the still camera but what can be said about her in words. They say pictures speak louder than words. So, some things cannot be translated into words and watching her is a point of romantic experience.

Wearing a costume that reveals her 'thighland' she poses sensuously in different ways.

She is coming up in a role of Pawan Kalyan- Samuthirakhani's Vinodaya Sitham shortly.

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