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Pic: Samantha Astonished at Shaurya's Bulked Up Body

Pic: Samantha Astonished at Shaurya's Bulked Up Body

“Wohhhhhh my gooddddddd... what is this craziness,” was the reaction from Samantha after seeing Naga Shaurya’s new makeover.

Shaurya who is popular for films like “Chalo” has shared his latest photo on Instagram that is receiving likes and ‘wow’ sounds. Truly, he has stunned all with his physical makeover.

Known for having soft-guy looks, Shaurya has undergone rigorous workout sessions to acquire the six-pack physique. He is working out to have a bulky, ripped body. This is for his current film.

He was seen as a boy next door in Samantha starrer ‘Oh Baby’ which was released four months ago. Now, he bulked up his body by adding more muscles and pumping it.

This is one of the best physical transformations. As soon as he posted his photo sitting on a stool in the gym, Samantha replied in the above manner.


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