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Peoples Media! Beware Of Costs And Rejected Stories

Peoples Media! Beware Of Costs And Rejected Stories

People's Media is not only a popular production house in Tollywood, but it is also highly regarded for its quality films.

The production house currently has a substantial number of films in its lineup, including projects featuring top heroes like Prabhas and Pawan Kalyan. Additionally, there are numerous films under discussion and in various stages of development.

The industry's attention is currently focused on People's Media, which has become the go-to destination for storytellers and filmmakers.

However, the idealistic and overly generous nature of People's Media leaders seems to be causing some challenges. Criticism has emerged suggesting that it is easy to take advantage of the banner's goodwill.

There are rumors that rejected story ideas are finding their way to People's Media, with some claiming that a simple pitch can secure an office space, additional staff, and extended discussions at the cost of the banner.

Even a major project involving a popular hero has turned to People's Media, but given the scale of the project, it is deemed acceptable.

Meanwhile, a smaller film featuring a lesser-known hero has approached multiple production offices, but failed to garner interest. Surprisingly, People's Media has taken it up much to the shock of many. 

Observers, who have seen the film "Ramabanam," are questioning the cost. Owing to the director's demand, the producers blindly agreed and spent the money.

The extensive use of manpower, elaborate sets, and grand production design in every scene have pushed the film's budget to Rs 45 crores.

Even after watching the film, Gopichand expressed his doubt if such an investment was necessary. The non-theatrical rights of the film have fetched around Rs 30 crores. However, had the film been completed within a budget of Rs 35 crores, the outcome might have been different.

There is talk that the promoters of People's Media struggle to control their expenses due to their exceptionally kind nature. While Tollywood embraces every new big production house with enthusiasm, it is important to proceed with caution.

Overindulgence can lead to ruin, as experienced by many organizations in the past. People's Media must learn from such experiences.

It is crucial to address the outstanding commitments and prioritize essential aspects before proceeding further. Unnecessary expenditures should be minimized. Otherwise, the burden of interest will be the only thing left to bear.

People's Media has earned a good reputation and is supported by talented individuals. By exercising reasonable spending and proceeding with care, companies like People's Media can survive for a decade or more, which is greatly needed in Tollywood.


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