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Peka Medalu Promises Laughter and Warmth

Peka Medalu Promises Laughter and Warmth

Peka Medalu, a new film by Crazy Ants Productions, is set to hit theaters on July 19th.

The movie stars Vinodh Kishan, making his Telugu debut as the hero, alongside Anusha Krishna as the leading lady.

Director Neelagiri Mamilla promises a relatable experience, stating the movie reflects real-life events while offering both the humor of classic Jandhyala films and heartwarming family moments.

Producer Rakesh Varre expressed his gratitude to the media for their support and highlighted the film's promotions.

He assures viewers that Peka Medalu is not just a comedy, but a concept-driven story that explores the importance of female support for men.

Both Vinodh Kishan and Anusha Krishna expressed their thanks to the media and director and their hopes for the film's success.

Mark your calendars for July 19th and get ready for a fun and emotional ride with Peka Medalu!


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