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Payal Exposes Big Director's Rape Attempt

Payal Exposes Big Director's Rape Attempt

Payal Ghosh, the actress who is known to Telugu audiences with the films like NTR's "Oosaravelli" and Manchu Manoj's "Prayanam" earlier was seen in Hindi film "Patel Ki Punjabi Shaadi" in 2017. 

Now she has come out with a video sharing about her worst, disgusting and painful experience with a top Bollywood director. 

In the video she started saying that Anurag Kashyap might have branded himself as the one who speaks about women liberation etc but he is a hypocrite. 

She said, "Once he called me inside a room and pulled the nada of my salwar kameez and tried to push his d*#k inside my v*@@#$%^. When I resisted he said that all the actresses who walk with me like HQ, RC and MG are just just a call away and whenever I call them they just come running and s#$% my c*#k. That's what he told me and expected me to do the same. I said I am very uncomfortable and let me go right now. I will definitely come back and have a good time. But right now mentally, physically or emotionally I am not prepared". 

"The next day he called me again. He was drinking whisky or something, but was smelling very bad. I could easily feel that it was some ganja or some drugs. I have an idea of what it is though I was not into it. He called me to another room that was filled with cassettes, books, TV and a sofa. He was shooting for Bombay Velvet then. He said that any girl would sleep with him just to share a scene with Ranbir Kapoor", she continued. 

She has also added saying that Anurag has boasted that he is proud that Amitabh, whom he admired the most is now asking him for work for himself and for his son. 

"I told him that it is your luck and Amitabh ji's humbleness" she shared. 

Finallys she said, "He then ended up opening his zip and tried to open my clothes and forcefully tried to push it into me". 

In conclusion she shared, "I wanted to say this much before but everybody told me not to do that as they are very scary people and they end up doing an acid attack or kidnap and they said that they heard how they troubled other actresses. So they advised me not to talk about them. It happened in 2014-15"

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