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Pawan Kalyan's 'No' For Fight And 'Yes' For Politics

Pawan Kalyan's 'No' For Fight And 'Yes' For Politics

Vinodaya Sitham, is a film that deserved a Telugu remake by the virue of its content. In the film, certain elements of political bitterness were brough in, which were not originally part of the Tamil version.

The portrayal of God in the movie raised controversy due to the political dialogues associated with the character.

Some criticized the decision to depict God engaged in political comedies at a pub with a character under the name Shyambabu, while others defended it as not being politically motivated.

Unfortunately, the makers failed to give a positive message effectively because of the personal interests drove their choices. And ultimately it lead to the audience disengaging from the movie.

This was evident in the collections of the film, which declined after the initial three days of release in both states.

There is nothing wrong in making the protagonist say politcially motivated dialogues in the films like Vakeel Saab, Bheemla Nayak or in the next film Ustaad. But the complaint is about why such dialogues were written for the character of God. 

Here's an intriguing situation to mention. In the movie "Bro," Pawan Kalyan's character was initially planned to have only one fight scene. Two days were allotted for its filming.

However, rumors surfaced that Pawan raised objections at the last moment regarding the role of God in the fight scene. He questioned the purpose of God's character participating in the fight. If that is the case, then why did he allow political dialogues from God?

The movie's quality may not be the deciding factor; the crucial point is whether people enjoy it or not. As long as the audience likes the movie, it will continue to thrive, regardless of any obstacles. However, not everything that people enjoy will necessarily make a great movie.

A film's success depends on how well it resonates with the audience and becomes a hit. Conversely, a movie that fails to appeal to viewers will not magically become great simply because it faces criticism. It will still be remembered as a flop.

Putting all these considerations aside, one may wonder if said that criticism plays a role in a film's failure.


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