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Pawan Kalyan On Prakash Raj's Book

Pawan Kalyan On Prakash Raj's Book

It is known that Prakash Raj has retorted to Nagababu's statements against him. He has also attempted to give explanation about his comments on Pawan Kalyan.

He clarified that he has ideological differences with Pawan Kalyan but no personal rivalry. 

"Many say that I have differences with Pawan, Mahesh and NTR. But you are seeing I am working with them again and again. Let us take Pawan's issue now. Many say that I have some issues with Pawan. But I am acting in Vakeel Saab. I don't agree to Pawan's political ideologies. Audience need not worry about our political relations. All that they need is cinema. That's all", Prakash Raj explained. 

Prakash Raj has also shared that there were many heated arguments between him and Pawan on the sets of shootings during shot gaps. 

"But we forget everything and work together as soon as we hear 'shot ready'. He liked my book 'Dosita Chinukulu'. He appreciated me saying that I think differently. I like Pawan Kalyan though we have political differences. I told this to him as well", Prakash Raj concluded. 

It all started when Prakash Raj called Pawan Kalyan a 'Chameleon' who changes political colors very frequently.

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