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Pawan Kalyan On Futile Success Tour?

Pawan Kalyan On Futile Success Tour?

Did you ever imagine you would hear something like this?

Power Star Pawan Kalyan, a charismatic hero with a massive fan following in Tollywood, has diehard supporters who play a significant role in his political tours.

They fervently chant his name, envisioning him as the future CM. Such is the influence of this top hero that his film tours are a matter of curiosity and anticipation.

Typically, there are two types of film tours. One is organized after a movie's success, aimed at celebrating its triumph.

Regardless of whether the movie is perceived as average or outstanding, these successful tours aim to bolster its popularity.

Even smaller films that achieve great success often embark on such tours, as seen with the movie "Samajavaragamana."

Conversely, it's uncommon for top-range heroes like Pawan to conduct theater tours for their movies. Such a practice may be considered outdated or even insulting.

However, the "BRO" movie unit's new approach challenges convention, contemplating the possibility of theater tours from Tuesday.

Previously, they experimented with a temple tour in certain villages before the movie's release. Now, this fresh idea surfaces as an alternative.

Nonetheless, some wonder why Pawan, a prominent hero, is opting for what appears to be a conventional and overused event management idea like a theater tour or a college tour.

Historically, such tours have shown that they can be futile expenditures, adding little value beyond the money spent.

This leaves us wondering why a celebrated hero like Pawan is embracing this seemingly outdated concept for his movie.


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