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Pawan Kalyan encouraging conversions?

Pawan Kalyan encouraging conversions?

A statement issued by power star and Jana Sena Party president Pawan Kalyan expressing his wishes to all Christians on the occasion of Christmas on Saturday evoked sharp reaction from Bharatiya Janata Party leader and actress Madhavi Latha.

In a post in the social media, Madhavi Latha alleged that Pawan Kalyan’s statement made one wonder whether he was encouraging conversion of Hindus into Christianity.

“Mr Pawan Kalyan, you can extend Christmas wishes to Christians. You are also welcome to wish others who have faith in Christianity. But why do you give a general message for the entire humanity? It gives an impression that you are encouraging conversions into Christianity,” she said.

Madhavi Latha told Pawan Kalyan not to preach Bible to others.

“There is no God there. Let us respect their religion, that is all. Except your wishes, I did not like the content that you have written. Jesus never preached that one should love all living things. Even I had believed it till recently. But later, I realised that he had only loved Jews and we are not Jews,” she said.

Asking the Jana Sena Party president to advise his team members who maintain his social media page to be careful in posting such messages, the BJP leader reminded that he had also praised Bible.

“But there is nothing great in the Bible. Don’t preach Bible. I am sorry, it will lead to conversions into Christianity,” she commented.

In his statement earlier, Pawan Kalyan said Jesus Christ was the messiah of the God who had taken birth on the earth as a human being. He loved human beings and awakened them.

“On behalf of me and of Jana Sena ranks, I extend my greetings to all those who praise Jesus and repose faith in him,” he said.


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