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OTT Watchlist: Day Of Destiny - Another Time Travel

OTT Watchlist: Day Of Destiny - Another Time Travel

'Day of Destiny' is an English film from Nigeria. This was released in Nigeria in January 2021 and hit Netflix for world audiences on 13th July 2021. The film deals with Time Travel, Desire, Destiny and Moral.

Chidi and Rotimi are the teenage brothers. They live in a humble middle class family. Chidi leads a disappointed life and dreams that his life would be different had his parents been rich. In the process, he along with his brother happen to encounter a magician who sends them back in time to the year 2000 to change the destiny of their father in the way that he becomes rich in 2021.

What happens next is interesting as a story. The style of making or the looks and performances of the artistes may bring out different kinds of opinions from different audiences but as an idea and storyline this film engages till the end.

The episodes where the cab driver of the year 2000 believes under the influence of politicians' words that Nigeria will be world's super power by 2020 brings laughs. Similarly their ignorance of smartphone and Me Too movement with the word hashtag bring some smirks while watching.

The scene between the teenage daughter of 2021 in #MeToo era and the teenage mother of 2000 in conventional times stands as a highlight. 

Though the narration becomes predictable here and there, the final part was dealt well.

Despite being loosely inspired by the famous German series 'Dark' with regard to children meeting their parents before they were actually born, this film 'Day of Destiny' is made with humor which makes it interesting. 

Streaming On: Netflix

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