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Nonstop Cryfest - Bigg Boss 4 Turns Karthika Deepam

Nonstop Cryfest - Bigg Boss 4 Turns Karthika Deepam

Emotions are running high in the Bigg Boss season 4 in its penultimate week. Contestants are coming to the confession room and crying nonstop to gain sympathy votes.

Ariana Glory got a special chance to appeal to the audience by winning a task. She did a performance to the cameras even before that special offer and played the ‘middle class woman’ card to perfection.

Then Monal Gajjar the ‘pathala ganga’ of this season has taken her crying game to another level. Other contestants got a feeling that her crying game was winning votes and made her strong. Hence, they started crying for everything.

So, Monal had to cry more to put her ahead in this sympathy game. Her hysteric crying in Tuesday's episode has not only scared the housemates but also the audience.

It is Sohel’s turn to appeal to the audience with tears in the latest episode. He won the second task and got a chance to appeal to the audience for votes from the confession room.

He too cried aloud and Bigg Boss made sure to cut a promo with heart wrenching pathos music playing in the background.

This show is now turning out to be a soap opera like Karthika Deepam.

Bigg Boss fans are already getting scared about the performances in the final week as the contestants started playing the sympathy card at this level in the penultimate week itself.

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