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Netizens Trolling Pawan Kalyan's 'Garu' To Sai Tej

Netizens Trolling Pawan Kalyan's 'Garu' To Sai Tej

Today, something trivial caught the attention of netizens. It was a card that was attached to a flower bouquet sent by Pawan Kalyan to Sai Tej.

Pawan Kalyan sent a flower bouquet to Sai Tej on the occasion of the positive response to 'Viroopaksha'. However, what was written on the tag was "Dear Tej garu, My hearty congratulations on the grand success of Viroopaksha! Best wishes, Pawan Kalyan".

Many started trolling Pawan Kalyan for addressing Sai Tej as 'garu', which was unnecessary.

Sai Tej is Pawan's nephew and many years younger than him. Considering this, netizens started trolling Pawan Kalyan for overacting with the use of the word 'garu'.

However, someone on social media replied, which made sense, "Generally, flower bouquets are ordered online or on the phone. The bouquet makers ask for what has to be written on the tag. When the details are given, the bouquet makers write it (though on behalf of the one who ordered), and they may tend to use 'garu'.

"If it had been written by Pawan himself, he would have mentioned 'garu', and at the same time, he would have signed as Pawan mamayya or something but not simply Pawan Kalyan. It's written by the bouquet makers before the delivery, and so there's nothing to troll."

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