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Netizens Call Pawan Kalyan The Real 'NERO'

Netizens Call Pawan Kalyan The Real 'NERO'

Pawan Kalyan is known for criticising the government on twitter. He wrote on the oxygen issue in the Maharaja Hospital of Vizianagaram. He compared the government with Nero's rule. 

Reacting to this, the netizens are hitting back strongly on his face. 

A netizen wrote, "You are the real Nero who released your film amidst the Corona crisis and turned out to be a reason for widespread pandemic. You are the real Nero who is sitting in Hyderabad leaving the AP population to their fate. You are the only Nero who was caught by Corona by moving here and there irresponsibly. You are the real Nero who is a zero in politics". 

"In fact, while criticizing someone on something one should think twice if that boomerangs. Pawan Kalyan has to think thirty times as his mind is a tube light", wrote another netizen. 

On the whole PawanKalyan is seeing the bitterness by proving his inability from time to time in almost all the aspects of politics.

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