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Naresh Wants Big Money for 'Malli Pelli'

Naresh Wants Big Money for 'Malli Pelli'

Naresh and Pavitra Lokesh's passionate romance has garnered media attention.

Naresh is a spry sixty-something, and currently, Pavitra is well into her forties. They have made the announcement that they are now a couple.

They played the leads in the movie "Malli Pelli" together, and Naresh also served as the film's producer.

The story of "Malli Pelli", directed by MS Raju, is, as the name suggests, about a second marriage between two adults.

The public is very interested in learning more about Naresh and Pavitra's love story.

Due to their popularity, he is asking for a large sum of money from OTT platforms in exchange for the right to stream.

Naresh hopes to close a handsome deal.


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