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Naresh: Ramya Plotting to Kill Me

Naresh: Ramya Plotting to Kill Me

Actor VK Naresh has gone to court today to seek protection from his third wife, Ramya.

He claims she has been planning to kill him in order to gain access to his money and possessions.

Naresh is also requesting the court to dissolve his marriage to Ramya. He states in his court petition that Ramya had a supari gang conduct surveillance at his house last year, after hiring them to kill him.

He also alleges that a police officer collaborated with Ramya to hack into his phone.

Despite having a son together, Naresh has recently been in a relationship with actress Pavitra Lokesh and announced his impending marriage to her in a viral video.

Ramya previously stated that Naresh cannot legally marry Pavitra because she is already his wife. Naresh alleges that Ramya demanded Rs 10 crore from him to end their conflict.

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