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Naresh Has a 'Muddu Peru' for Pavitra!

Naresh Has a 'Muddu Peru' for Pavitra!

Naresh and Pavitra Lokesh are a brand new couple. But they won't go on the record admitting it. Since Naresh did not formally divorce his third wife, Ramya, he is attempting to keep himself out of legal trouble by telling the media that she's his 'partner'. The word "wife" is off-limits for him.

However, Naresh kissed Pavitra on the cheek and forehead and declared that their relationship is forever while promoting their film "Malli Pelli" for a TV show, in which they acted together as a love birds.

He also revealed on the show that he refers to her as "Ammulu."

"Muddoste Ammulu Antanu. Baaga Muddoste Ammu Antanu. Inkaa muddoste… vaddu le ikkada chepte baagodu," he revealed.

Naresh is using this movie and its promotion to announce that he and Pavitra are a couple.


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