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Naresh and Pavitra's Wedding: A Big Drama!

Naresh and Pavitra's Wedding: A Big Drama!

A video of Naresh and Pavitra Lokesh's wedding quickly gained widespread attention. Since Naresh uploaded the video to his various social media accounts on Friday, it has generated a great deal of media and online buzz.

Naresh, who has already been married three times and divorced twice, cannot legally marry Pavitra Lokesh.

After many years of living apart, he and his third wife Ramya Raghupati are still legally considered to be husband and wife. In other words, a divorce decree has not been issued. So, Naresh devised a plan.

Our sources inform us that he and Pavitra Lokesh secretly tied the knot and jetted off to Dubai for their honeymoon.

However, they are unable to make an official announcement. Naresh devised the plan of releasing their wedding video from an upcoming film to avoid legal complications from his wife.

MS Raju, producer and director, is currently making a film with Naresh and Pavitra playing key roles. The film has a scene of Naresh and Pavitra's wedding. 

On Friday, the film's wedding scene was shown to the public. Naresh can say that the wedding video is a sneak peek from an upcoming movie if his third wife Ramya objects.

However, he shared the video online as if it were their actual wedding.

So, he basically told everyone about his wedding to Pavitra Lokesh, but he can also use it as evidence in court because it's a film clip.


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