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Nani's Gang Leader Streams in Just 27 Days

Nani's Gang Leader Streams in Just 27 Days

Tollywood filmmakers have become greedy to get big moolah from digital rights. They are parting rights to the digital streaming companies to stream the movie even before it completes four weeks run in the theaters. The latest example is Nani’s Gang Leader.

The revenge thriller starring Nani is already out on Amazon Prime. The film was released on September 13. In just 28 days, it is streaming.

It is a fact that the film flopped in the theaters and is now not running in any theater but this act is killing the theater business.

If producers allow digital companies to stream the movies in just four weeks, why would family audiences come to the theaters? They prefer watching on their couch.

A few months ago, Tollywood producers have decided to make an agreement with the digital companies to stream the movies only after a movie completes eight weeks of its theatrical release. But “Gang Leader” hit the web in four weeks.

With Amazon on buying spree of Telugu films, the overseas market has already shrunk.

The USA audiences are not watching small movies in the theaters as they are pretty sure that all new releases would hit the web in just weeks.

It is high time Tollywood should act promptly before digital companies kill the golden goose. 



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