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Nagarjuna Worries of Cases on Bigg Boss!

Nagarjuna Worries of Cases on Bigg Boss!

Is Nagarjuna worrying about the unwanted cases and controversies ahead of the “Bigg Boss” show?

Nagarjuna is stepping in a role that was originally performed by NTR and Nani in the first seasons.

Neither NTR nor Nani had to see the embarrassing allegations from actresses.

Two actresses Swetha Reddy and Gayatri Gupta had filed cases on the show’s management that they were asked how would they satisfy “Bigg Boss” if they get selected implying that they wanted some “commitment”. 

Both the actresses are known for making wild allegations on celebrities in the past.

When Sri Reddy case was raging high, Gayatri Gupta made many allegations of casting couch in the industry without any proof.

She gave a series of interviews to Youtube channels but later she became silent. It was clear that she tried to grab the media’s attention.

Swetha Reddy and Gayatri Gupta are making similar allegation after they got confirmation that they didn’t get selected as contestants for the third season.

No one is taking their allegations seriously given their record. However, filing police cases has made the situation worrisome for Nagarjuna. 

Generally, Star Maa TV team approaches several celebrities enquiring whether they are interested to participate in the show and also asks if they would be able to commit for 100 days of isolation from the outside world.

They select only 10 or 12 persons out of 50 to 100 people they approach.

Nagarjuna has not met the media about his entry into “Bigg Boss” yet. If he meets the press, he will have to face the questions about these allegations and cases which will put him in an embarrassing situation.

The third season of this reality show will go on air from 21st July.


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