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Naga Shaurya Toiling Hard To Get Back His Money

Naga Shaurya Toiling Hard To Get Back His Money

Naga Shaurya had mixed results as producer with Chalo and Narthanashala. While Chalo went onto become money spinner, Narthanashala ended up as a big disaster.

Despite Narthanashala's result, Naga Shaurya has made Aswathama on his home production. He penned the story for this crime thriller and also spent lavishly irrespective of his market.

The film got a fairly decent opening, but it still needs a lot to be a safe venture for its buyers.

Naga Shaurya is toiling hard by touring the theaters running Aswathama to attract public.

He has plans to make more films on his banner and therefore he is making sure that his buyers recover their investments to gain goodwill for his production house.

He is also giving controversial statements in his interviews that could keep him trending across the social media platforms.

His allegations against Chalo director Venky Kudumala have become the hot topic on the internet.


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