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Naga Babu Resigns from MAA Membership

Naga Babu Resigns from MAA Membership

The defeat of Prakash Raj came as a blow to mega camp, in particular to Naga Babu.

Megastar Chiranjeevi had not lent to support openly. But Naga Babu created all the noise and attacked Manchu Vishnu and his panel.

Naga Babu actively worked in support of Prakash Raj in the recently concluded MAA elections. 

But now, Manchu Vishnu won. He is the new president of MAA.

Seeing humiliating defeat, Naga Babu announced his resignation from MAA.  

He has resigned from the primary membership of the association. In a social media post, he alleged that MAA members are encouraging regionalism. He also said they have narrow-mindedness. 

Naga Babu will face heavy trolling now.


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