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Monal's Stupidity Puts Her Into Nominations!

Monal's Stupidity Puts Her Into Nominations!

Bigg Boss show is not just about physical fitness or mind games. There is also another side to it. That is, one needs cunningness to escape nominations. Be strategic about every decision they make.

One should never try to give immunity to another player. They mustn’t do it if the other person is weaker or equal to them.

Mehboob made that mistake when he supported Avinash to get immunity in the sacrifice your belongings task. Avinash was saved from nominations and that mistake has later put Mehboob in danger.

Similarly, Monal fought hard to make Harika the captain of the house. She did it at the expense of Akhil’s trust.

Harika got immunity because of Monal and the former has also used her captainship power against the latter. Harika swapped Monal with Abhijeet and simply shed some crocodile tears at the end.

However, Abhijeet and Harika’s mutual supporters may vote for Monal this week as they want someone from the opposite side to get evicted.

But in this entire episode Monal didn’t use her brain at any point that not only put herself into nominations but also lost her only true friend Akhil in the process. 

With only five spots open for the finale, contestants should think beyond the tasks and make sure that the weaker housemates don’t get immunity. 

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